2Nd Toward Healty City Summit 2012 - Konferensi & Pameran Internasional "Menuju Kota Sehat Di Indonesia"

Sunday, 04 November 2012

In line with the rapid development, urban problems, such as pollution, traffic density, crime, poverty, cleanliness, spatial planning, population growth, community services, tend to develop in an alarming direction.
Efforts need to be made to overcome urban problems in order to improve the quality of the city and realise a healthy city, which is a city that can provide security, comfort, peace and health for urban communities in carrying out life activities.

Efforts to overcome urban problems include the entire order of life, which consists of improving the physical, social, economic and cultural environment in urban areas, so that the order of community life, resilience and urban carrying capacity becomes strong.

To become a HEALTHY CITY requires cooperation involving all parties, both from the city government, the city community and business people and held activities to socialise the activities that have been and will be carried out towards the healthy city movement.

The 2nd Toward Healthy City Summit 2012 is an international conference and exhibition organised for the second time since 2011 to promote healthy cities in Indonesia.