Ecoplas, Greenhope's Innovation in Bumn Startup Day Appreciated by President Jokowi

Friday, 09 September 2022

President Joko Widodo Appreciates Greenhope's Local Technology Innovation in BUMN Start Up Day

Jakarta-The Ministry of SOEs in collaboration with various start-up companies held the SOE Startup Day programme in Tangerang from 26-28 September 2022. The event, which was opened by President Joko Widodo and attended by SOE Minister Erick Tohir, Deputy SOE Minister II Kartika Wiroatmojo, Pj. Governor of Banten Al Muktabar and several BUMN officials aim to provide opportunities for Start Ups to synergise with various BUMNs in Indonesia. This is because SOEs have end-to-end support from various sectors and industries that can support the growth of Start Ups. Hopefully, with various networks, funding, and collaboration opportunities, SOEs will support the development of Indonesian Start Ups to advance the nation's economy. 

Greenhope was one of the startups selected to participate in the networking event. Greenhope's CEO Tommy Tjiptadjaja also explained Greenhope's biodegradable plastic technology at the exhibition booth. After giving a speech, President Joko Widodo visited several booths owned by participants. One of the booths visited was Greenhope's booth and had a dialogue with Greenhope's CEO. To Tommy, the President expressed his appreciation for the innovations made by Greenhope to contribute to environmental sustainability while improving the welfare of cassava farmers. ‘This (technological innovation) is very good to be developed in Indonesia because the raw materials needed are available in Indonesia,’ President Joko Widodo said. 

In the same place, Greenhope Head of Marketing and Sales Arsika Ahmad, expressed his pride that his company had been selected to take part in the BUMN Start Up Day programme.  ‘We will take part to jointly realise a better Indonesia,’ said the long-haired woman. 

For information, the event that took place at ICE BSD City has its own way of maximising the potential of Start Ups in Indonesia. BUMN Start Up Day will support Start Up companies to scale up by creating a series of business matching events, rapid mentoring, investor pitching, conference and Start Up exhibition. 

This event is the first step made to identify Start Ups that have received investment and are developing their business. Later, Start Ups that have received soonicorn status and are developing towards unicorn will get access to an expansion stage called the Merah Putih Fund. Arsika hopes that this event can open the next step in Greenhope's business development. 

Regarding the series of events, Arsika mentioned that Greenhope will showcase its environmentally friendly bioplastic resin product, Ecoplas. This is a biodegradable plastic made from cassava. ‘The use of Ecoplas throughout Indonesia can certainly be a solution to environmental pollution. More than that, Ecoplas will also have a positive social impact on the country, added Arsika Ahmad.  

This plant-based biodegradable plastic resin product from Greenhope has received various national and international awards as one of the most competitive biodegradable plastic materials. This is because Ecoplas presents plastics that are not only environmentally friendly but also affordable for the community. Thus, Ecoplas supports positive environmental change for the survival of the next generation by presenting a more sustainable and degradable plastic option. 

Furthermore, Arsika mentioned that the series of events will begin with Business Matching which allows meetings between the Start Up party and BUMN leaders to explore the possibility of cooperation between businesses. SOEs that will be involved in this session include Pertamina, PLN, Pelindo, BNI, Mandiri, Garuda Indonesia and so on. 

SOE Start Up Day also allows Start Ups to pitch for potential investment and funding. ‘We will certainly make the most of this investor pitching session to support Greenhope's development,’ he said.  

In addition to participating in the investor pitching session, Arsika added that Ecoplas products will be showcased in the Start Up exhibition event which will involve more than 150 Start Ups. ‘We will certainly use this opportunity as well as possible to show Ecoplas’ abilities, said Arsika Ahmad.

Explaining the advantages of Ecoplas, he said that ordinary plastic takes thousands of years to decompose. ‘Ecoplas presents a better alternative for our environment, besides that this product has also obtained German Din-Certco Bio-Based ASTM 6866 certification,’ said Arsika. By obtaining the certification, he emphasised that Greenhope products can biodegrade quickly even without the help of waste management machines. 

Not only that, according to Arsika, Ecoplas has also received Fair for life certification from IMO Switzerland ( This certificate shows that the ingredients used to make Ecoplas are produced by experienced farmers and purchased at a premium or above market price. ‘Thus, we want to show that Ecoplas is not only environmentally friendly but also has a positive impact on the welfare of Indonesian farmers,’ Arsika concluded.