Empowering Social And Environmental Awareness Through Green Business Concepting

Monday, 19 April 2021

Jakarta, 11 April 2021 - Unquestionably, climate change is today’s biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis. The progress elevation of human’s life quality and capital, on the contrary, bring substantial negative impacts to the environment. The rise of the earth’s surface temperature as caused by human activities prompts certain natural disasters; forest fire, extreme drought, floods, etc., in the shortest timelines the planet had never experienced before. This is where sustainable business can focus on.

School of Business and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology (SBM ITB) realizes the importance of this circumstance and collaborated with Greenhope to held a webinar for the young generation interested in business to align sustainable business practices in their ideas.

Simply put, sustainable business is about creating a harmonious and sustainable interaction between the economy, society, and the environment, in which economic activity strengthens the social and environmental systems they exist within, rather than breaking them down. Greenhope supports responsible and contextual waste management by inventing bio-based plastics made from cassava starch, namely Ecoplas, producing plastic products that can naturally biodegrade in the soil for up to 6 months, hugely significant compared to conventional plastics.

This webinar prompts to inspire and encourage youth to integrate and source their initial business ideas into sustainability. It was mesmerizing to see many bright minds with their attentiveness in joining this event, bringing sophisticated and high-minded ideas into the discussion. The webinar succeeded in generating collaboration, networking, and innovation to the righteous minds and hoping more people could join the action.

Greenhope strives to have a continuity of collaboration for an enlightening discussion, sharing ideas and insights with like-minded people. We realize how important it is to build a solid green-iterate community for a better future, and it can start with yours. Hit us up at communication@greenhope.co, and let’s collaborate!