Girl Power In The Science Industry

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Jakarta, 11 February 2021 - International Day of Women and Girls in science is commemorated every February, 11th and set by the UN to recognize the critical role women and girls play in science and technology, and how important it is to be applied in the professional environment.

This year at Greenhope, we celebrate the IDWGS by starting the Life at Greenhope edition to start sharing the exciting story of our team in the Research and Development Department. The R&D science girls are very passionate to keep researching, testing, evaluating, and improving Greenhope’s biodegradable technologies, such as Ecoplas (the cassava-based biodegradable bioplastic), Oxium (Oxo-biodegradable Additive), and Naturloop (Starch-based Fully Compostable Resin).

“I'm directly involved in several R&D Projects at Greenhope, and I really love that! I hope I can make a contribution to make a positive impact on the environment and society. In Greenhope, our women staff are being supported to pursue a work-life balance. I'm a scientist at work and a wife at home.”

Nursanti Fatimah (R&D Staff)

“I’m grateful to be part of the Greenhope family because the science and technology industry has always been my passion. Being part of Greenhope allows me to grow as an individual and as a career woman. I believe it is important to grow in my own space, and Greenhope has been allowing me to do exactly that.”

Atikah Maria Ulfa (R&D Staff)