Global Innovation Challenge: Future Of Flexibles

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Jakarta, 16 May 2021 - We're thrilled to announce that has been selected as part of the cohort for The Incubation Network's Global Innovation Challenge: Future of Flexibles! Together with 14 other participants, we'll be going through a four-day summit and growth program with mentorship from leading industry experts.

Global Innovation Challenge: Future of Flexibles by The Incubation Network has identified innovative solutions that can significantly reduce flexible plastic waste in Asia. In the huge narratives about the plastic waste crisis that is happening around the world especially in Asia, this year, The Future of Flexibles explores solutions for hard-to-recycle flexible plastics by sourcing, supporting, and scaling enterprising ventures that provide contextual solutions for materials that lack financially viable end uses in South and Southeast Asia. 

How does Greenhope have to do anything with this? As a social enterprise that has leading technologies in biodegradable plastics; Ecoplas® and Oxium®, we are striving to expand our innovations worldwide in providing and collaborating with brands and innovators in the scope of:

  • Biodegradable flexible packaging for various applications;

  • Biodegradable carrier bags;

  • Biodegradable bubble wraps for shipping;

  • Biodegradable straws, food trays;

  • The possibilities are endless!

This mission will only be possible through co-designing and partnerships created through this program. We are excited to learn more and join forces with everyone else who shares the same mission.

If you are in the FMCG, fashion, or FnB industries, and would like to know what kind of collaboration we can explore together, contact