Greenhope Masuk Top 50 Real Leaders Eco Innovation Award 2022

Friday, 05 August 2022

Greenhope, a company engaged in providing environmentally friendly plastic resins with Oxium, Ecoplas and Naturloop technologies, was included in the Top 50 Real Leaders in the Eco Innovation Technology category. 

Real Leaders is a community of CEOs or company founders with a global media platform to make a difference in the world. This community is based in America and was formed in 2010. 

‘We are very proud that Greenhope has been selected from various companies in the world, Greenhope is in position #33, as a pioneer in Indonesia who has the concept of biodegradable technology that is environmentally friendly,’ said Arsika Ahmad, Head of Sales & Marketing. 


He added, Greenhope has several technologies from the cheapest, Oxobiodegradable with the Oxium brand, which is an additive to make conventional plastics naturally decompose in nature within 3-5 years to biobased with the Ecoplas brand and compostable with the Naturloop brand, which is made from natural vegetable cassava from Indonesia.

What his party is doing because of concern for Indonesia, especially now that the country is in a waste emergency condition, KLHK data states that the total national waste in 2021 reached 68.5 million tonnes. Of that amount, 17 percent, or around 11.6 million tonnes, was contributed by plastic waste. 

Although the amount is smaller when compared to organic waste from food waste, plastic waste is a big problem because it is difficult to decompose naturally on land (TPA). Ironically, not all of these wastes are managed properly on land, KLHK noted, in 2022 there was 42.8% or 131,835 tonnes/year of unmanaged waste which eventually caused leakage into rivers and the sea. 

With this fact, it is necessary to make holistic efforts in handling waste generation, especially conventional plastic waste that requires hundreds of years to decompose naturally. 

‘In addition to carrying out waste management strategies with the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) we need an additional “R” Return to Earth. The concept of Return to Earth is the process of plastic waste decomposing naturally in nature, especially for food, beverage and other packaging that is not possible to be recycled,’ said Arsika Ahmad.

Responding to Greenhope's inclusion as one of the Top 50 Real Leaders in the Eco Innovation Technology category, Greenhope CEO Tommy Tjiptadjaja said he was very proud. ‘By creating oxo-biodegradable and bio-based products, we hope to help the government solve the problem of plastic waste that is difficult to decompose in nature,’ he said. 

Not only that, he added that the cassava starch-based resin produced by his company is a form of Greenhope's contribution in empowering cassava farmers who have been unable to obtain a stable selling price. ‘At Greenhope, we follow the Fair for Life certification from Bio-Foundation Switzerland in collaboration with the IMO Group (Institute for Marketecology) so that in the production of bio-based plastic raw materials, we partner with farmer groups to cultivate sustainable cassava,’ explained Tommy with a serious look. 

Together, let's make our earth greener!