Ngobrol Ngabuburit: Partnerships That Drive Sustainability

Thursday, 06 May 2021

Jakarta, 6 May 2021 - With the second consecutive year of facing COVID-19 Pandemic, the world has experienced massive changes. That includes practicing social distancing, turning once physical meetings to now virtual meetings. Once seen as a challenge to many, now it has become a great opportunity to meet more and more people and expand networks from across the globe.

Looking into Greenhope’s business model, we thrive if our partners thrive and that partners include our manufacturing partners, also known as converters. In addition to regular meetings with these partners, on May 6th, 2021, we held a “Ngobrol Ngabuburit” virtual event for our partners to greet each other and to talk how partnerships can move the needle.

It was a fruitful discussion where everybody shared their experiences during the past 2020, how they thrived during the harsh year and how we can work together to move forward. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which significantly affected almost every business sector, demands received by our partners were also dropped off. However, after 14 months of coping with the protocols and procedures, companies started to feel the fresh air. The market is gradually recovering from the massive change COVID-19 brought, and the trades began to run in baby steps. Healthcare and FnB businesses seemed to be the least affected sectors among many sectors facing the same problem. Instead, they faced a significant increase in their demand, seeing that the pandemic encourages people to purchase online orders and stay physically fit.

With a huge local and global potential demand, Greenhope believes that teaming up with its partners is the best way to diversify product development penetration into diverse market needs. Our partners hold an essential role in disseminating the awareness and consumption of biodegradable technologies accessible for everyone. Enforcing the same mission, which is socializing and creating demand in the community (market) at an affordable price for the business to continue to grow.

Moving forward, everyone in the room agreed that connectivity from the upstream to downstream - even up to the end-customers- shall be encouraged. This enforced the objective to create methods in a way to achieve previous objectives we have carried upon. Our primary objective has always been that Greenhope will join its partners to educate and inform the market regarding updates to the existing technology, products, and ideas. Until the questions exist in the community and concerns regarding biodegradable technology will be appropriately answered, our partners will huddle together to cooperatively tackle the plastic waste crisis and support a circular economy. By partnering closely together, our partners can build a more sustainable value chain that fosters innovation while enabling transparency toward society.