Reseller Program For Kurban Carrier Bag With Oxium® Technology Is Open!

Thursday, 10 June 2021

karta, 10 July 2021 - Greenhope as an innovator of degradable plastic technology with the Oxium® brand, oxo-biodegradable additives, an original Indonesian-made technology that is not only patented in Indonesia but also in America and Singapore, is again releasing Oxium Sacrificial Bags with a new look in 2021. 

Through this ‘Kurban for the People and the Earth’ campaign, Greenhope wants to provide an optimal experience during Kurban through the optimisation of bag features that keep the qurbani meat well during the distribution process until it reaches the hands of the people, without burdening the earth with environmentally friendly plastic bags that are inevitably eaten by microbes within 2 years at the end of the bag's life. 




#PastiTerurai and #PastiAsli with Oxium® technology 
Guaranteed #PastiAsli from the first hand because we own Oxium® technology, which #PastiTerurai within 2 years.

New Look
A new look that makes it easier for caretakers to mark the meat filling in the Qurbani bag.

Thick and Waterproof
Thicker bag than the previous edition to be able to hold the meat and bones of Qurbani animals without worrying about leaking.

Halal and Safe for Food Contact
Definitely halal, definitely safe for food contact, very suitable for pandemic times that prioritise hygiene.

Make sure to #BuyYangAsli, Oxium® Sacrificial Bags and join the #Reseller Team by contacting us via email By becoming a 2021 Kurban reseller, you have played an active role as an earth hero, and get the following benefits:

Special price for purchases above 500 packs

Marketing tools to help your business (customer question guide, E-Flyer for WhatsApp & Social Media posts, product photos)

Consultant to help your busi