“Special Recognition: Stakeholder Engagement”, SBA (SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS AWARDS) Indonesia 2017,

Wednesday, 06 December 2017

Jakarta, 4 December 2017 - Greenhope (PT Harapan Interaksi Swadaya) was awarded the SBA (Sustainable Business Awards) Indonesia 2017 for the Special Recognition category: Stakeholder Engagement. The awarding night held at the Hyat Grand Ballroom, Jakarta was attended by Greenhope's President Commissioner and President Director, Sugianto Tandio and Tommy Tjiptadjaja. Many big names were also present at the prestigious event, such as Erna Witoelar (Founder and Chairperson of the KEHATI Foundation), Shinta Kamdani (President of IBCSD and Vice Chairperson of KADIN Indonesia Women). Together with Tony Gourlay (CEO of Global Initiatives), Irhoan Tanudireja (Senior Partner of PwC Indonesia) and Nina Sardjunani (team Leader of the secretariat of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they became Indonesia's National Advisory Board in SBA Indonesia 2017.


Sustainable Business Awards Indonesia

SBA is an awarding body formed by Global Initiatives and PwC Singapore which aims to raise awareness of sustainable business and is able to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable business not only to the company, the environment, but also to all stakeholders. SBA has now been implemented in 6 countries, and has been running since 2012.

“The award recognises companies that are leading the way in implementing sustainable business in their business strategies, both short and long term. The awards also aim to inspire all businesses, small and large, to make sustainable business their corporate mission,” said Tony Gourlay, CEO of Global Initiatives.

In collaboration with PwC Singapore, a leading professional firm, SBA has developed 12 award categories as follows:

1)    Strategy and Sustainability Management:

2)    Workforce

3)    Community

4)    Energy Management

5) Water Management

6) Waste and Material Productivity

7)    Climate Change

8) Supply Chain Management

9)    Land Use, Biodiversity and Environment

10) Business Responsibility and Ethics

11) Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality

12)  UN Sustainable Development Goals


‘Special Recognition - Stakeholder Engagement’: PT Harapan Interaction Swadaya (Greenhope)


Apart from the twelve categories that have been compiled, there are several more categories compiled into the ‘Special Recognition’, namely Flagship, Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation Practices, GHG Emission Reduction, Employee Engagement, Stakeholder Engagement, Biomass Energy Initiative, Stated-Owned Enterprise, Energy Management, Water Stewardship, Health Education, and Energy Management.

Greenhope is very proud and very grateful to SBA Indonesia for the appreciation and recognition given to be placed in the Special Recognition category: Stakeholder Engagement. This award will certainly inject more enthusiasm in Greenhope's future steps to green plastic consumption and production in Indonesia in particular, and the world in general, for the future as well as for our children and grandchildren.