Sugianto Tandio, President Director of Pt Tirta Marta and Chairman of Greenhope - PT Harapan Interaksi Swadaya Receives Global Listing Award - 50 Most Impactful Social Innovators

Thursday, 08 March 2018

Mr Sugianto Tandio received an award as the 50 Most Impactful Social Innovators organised by the 6th World CSR Day. The event was held for 2 days on 17-18 February 2017 at Taj Lands End Mumbai, Mumbai, India with the agenda of Social Innovator Conference and Award. Aspects discussed at the conference were the successful strategies of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) so as to form a sustainable and responsible business and its influence on the brand, image and reputation of the company.

The CSR Award was given to 50 business people who have innovations that have a positive impact on the welfare of society. One of them is Mr Sugianto Tandio who is the President Director of PT Tirta Marta as well as the President Commissioner of Greenhope - PT Harapan Interaksi Swadaya. He created environmentally friendly plastic technology with the Oxium and Ecoplas brands that are not only innovative but also able to improve the welfare of cassava farmers in Bogor, Indonesia.

Oxium is an environmentally friendly plastic technology that is used as an additive to plastic so that it can accelerate the degradation process from 500-1000 years to 2-5 years. While Ecoplas uses cassava raw materials as a material for making plastic which is certainly environmentally friendly because it comes from natural ingredients. Cassava raw materials are obtained directly from fostered farmers at prices above market prices. This will automatically create jobs while improving the welfare of cassava farmers.

For Mr Sugianto Tandio's commitment through his company to provide a positive impact on the environment as well as social and economic to Indonesian cassava farmers, he received the appreciation and CSR Awards.