The Association of Indonesian Market Traders (Appsi), held a Green Our Markets Programme.

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Gerakan Pasti is an environmental movement built with the aim of campaigning for a common sense plastic lifestyle through the 4R principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Return to Earth) in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Market Traders (APPSI), held the Green Our Market Programme.

This programme is a socialisation activity and concrete action that is expected to be able to form a role model for the market community in an effort to reduce plastic waste generation. Namely through the use of biodegradable plastics that are environmentally friendly.

Chairperson of Gerakan Pasti Naning Adiwoso said that the programme, together with actions, aims to change the behaviour of Indonesian consumers to always maintain a green environment by starting from the smallest scale, namely the market, because the market is the centre of people's economic activities. Gerakan Pasti, which is a non-profit movement, is working with APPSI to change the mindset of consumers.

‘If we never want to change our mindset, how much plastic is in the landfill (Final Processing Site) that takes 1000 years to decompose. Many people don't know,’ said Naning Adiwoso. What is often said, according to him, is that western countries always say that plastic can be destroyed using incinerators. Whereas we have to look at geo and warm that Indonesia has two seasons. (Plastic waste) is dumped in landfills and is very humid. Europe is not, they always have four seasons and they are dry. They use incinerators. Western countries want to sell them (incinerators) to Indonesia,’ Naning explained.

‘It's already expensive, using diesel. If this does not stay in the landfill, just throw it away and it can be decomposed. So please use it when looking at things. Geo and warming. What we do is to make a transformation to change the mindset. So that future generations are not polluted by plastic that does not decompose. Let's Indonesianise Indonesia, make the next generation of Indonesians healthier. Safer for the environment. That is the goal of Indonesian common sense plastic. Choose biodegradable plastic,’ he concluded.