Waste Management Jetro Webinarwaste Management Jetro Webinar

Wednesday, 07 April 2021

Jakarta, 7 April 2021 - Conventional plastic industry is one of the biggest disruptions in today’s world. The increase in plastic waste crisis and marine debris, while lots of misinformation and hoaxes emerged in the society, make this problem couldn’t get any worse. However, good news for all of us, green mindset; lifestyle and materials are also proceeding to acquire new people to be aware of this issue.

Together with OPPA by SecondMuse and Rekosistem, Greenhope was invited by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) to talk in their monthly webinar with a theme of Waste Management to understand the importance of being responsible toward our own waste. One of the ways is to shift your packaging into biodegradable ones, thus making your consumption less harmful to the environment, and be more sustainable.

R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) was publicized as a movement to solve the plastic waste problem. Several innovations were invented and campaigned from these steps, however, these models have their own strengths as well as limitations. Reducing your plastic consumption by bringing your own containers while grocery shopping, reusing your cloth shopping bags, and supporting a recycling program, are examples you can take to be involved in protecting the environment. However, your online food deliveries, e-commerce orders, and yogurt cups are plastic packaging that is so close to our lives yet so necessary.

The challenge is to find the replacement of conventional plastic packaging with the same properties, into something safer for the environment. Greenhope’s technology innovations take part in this fragment. When plastics are so needed to support daily lives, yet the concern to spoil the environment becomes a case, Greenhope’s technologies offer fully bio-based, biodegradable plastics, that could end its life cycle. Partnered with companies and communities that support sustainability, we are trying to encourage more people to be aware of the scientific, data-driven facts about the plastic waste crisis.

Let’s together start the journey of connecting and collaborating with each other; to be united, combine forces, and stitch together for better solutions. Hit us up at communication@greenhope.co, and let’s collaborate!