Greenhope Clarifies Oxium Qurban Plastic Bag Viral

Saturday, 29 June 2019

In response to the confusion of viral news regarding Oxium Sacrificial Bags, we, Greenhope (PT Harapan Interaksi Swadaya) as the producer of Oxium technology, patents, and trademarks would like to convey that this happened due to the unintentional behaviour of our independent sellers/resellers who misrepresented Oxium technology, oxo-biodegradable plastic as Ecoplas, a plastic made from cassava.

We realise that this has caused confusion in the community, therefore we would like to provide the following clarifications:

1) That it is true that Oxium (oxo-biodegradable plastic) is not a plastic made from cassava, but an additive that is able to degrade plastic within 2-5 years which is characterised by a reduction in the molecular weight of the plastic and turns into H2O, CO2 and biomass which has been tested using ASTM D 6954, D 5208 and D 3826 test standards.

2) Oxium has been certified with SNI Ecolabel Eco-friendly 7188:7, Ecolabel Self-declaration Degradable issued by KLHK, Halal Certification, Ecolabel Singapore to Ecolabel Malaysia.

3) Oxium has also received an Indonesian Patent, American Patent, and Singapore Patent.

4) Oxium has been widely researched by independent and credible researchers both nationally such as ITB, UNESA, etc., as well as internationally whose scientific journals can be accessed online as well.

For this reason, Oxium technology is an environmentally friendly oxo-degradable plastic technology that has been tested and certified which does not need to doubt its validity. Hopefully it can answer the unrest in the community and can be straightened out so that it does not become a hoax.

Let's jointly monitor and control the spread of news so that it does not lead to hoaxes for the sake of a better Indonesia.